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Riggio is a Certified Low-Emissions Valve Packing Installer with turn-key rebuilding capability.

Exceptional fugitive emissions control requires like-new valve stem and packing gland surfaces. It is also critical that material integrity is maintained throughout the welding preheat, interpass temperature control and post-weld stress relief processes. Precision machining and surface-finishing complete the preparation for final assembly by certified technicians.

The EPA’s “Certified Low-Leaking Valves” consent decree defines current requirements to achieve less than 100 PPM leakage. With assessments showing that 62% of VOC emissions originate from valves, an aggressive program to remedy valve leakage is crucial.

Riggio is supported by A. W. Chesterton Company to address the EPA leakage and emission control requirements. As a Factory Certified Chesterton Packing Installer, Riggio provides complete machining services, installation and documentation.

Chesterton Low Emission Valve Packing  is independently emissions tested to API 622. It is additionally Fire safe and passed the API 607 Fire Test.

Call 201-339-2000 for Certified Low Emissions Valve Packing Technology Installation:

  • Block Valve Packing
  • Leakage no greater than 100 PPM
  • Stem/Stuffing Box Rebuilding
  • Documentation

Other Capabilities:

  • Control Valve Stem Seals
  • Live-Loading Seals
  • Pressure Seal Bonnet Seals
  • Low Friction Seals

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